Pony Club


The Heartland Pony Club is a branch of the Canadian Pony Club. The Canadian Pony Club has been around since 1934 and exists to interest young people in horseback riding and offer them instruction in the sport. The Canadian Pony Club is affiliated with an international network of more than twenty national Pony Clubs in other countries. The standards delivered in the Canadian Pony Club are in line with international standards for education, testing, and competiton. Pony Club members learn how to ride a horse, as well as all aspects of "stable management": horse care, feeding, etc- in age-appropriate increments. At the end of the season, Pony Club members have the opportunity to challenge their skills with Testing.

Pelmac Stables has been home to the Heartland Pony Club since 2001. Heartland Pony Club was started in 1998 at what was then Heartland Stables. Their lesson season typically runs October through June and has included riders from the E entry level through the A levels. As well as mounted instruction, Pony Club hosts many educational and social activities.