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Zoë MacDougall started riding at a summer camp in 1995. Camp turned into weekly lessons, which then turned into Pony Club and competing in local shows. Zoë has gone on to compete in dressage at Third Level, hunters and jumpers to 3'6", and achieved the B2 level as well as the Flat Ride portion of the A level in the Canadian Pony Club. She was a very active Pony Club member and competed at national competitions for both Quiz and Tetrathlon as well as Prairie Zone Championships in Dressage and Showjumping. She continues to promote Pony Club to her students to encourage them to become knowledgeable horse people as well as skillful riders.

Diana's son Brennan MacDougall also started riding in the summer of 1995. Always a competitive rider, he had his sights on the jumper ring from a young age. In Canada he has shown in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec. While training in Ontario he had the opportunity to compete on the Florida circuit and did so with his horse Velbo Z. 

Diana Pella and her husband Peter got involved with horses at the same time as their children. While non-riders themselves, they do enjoy watching and learning about the sport. 


Brennan MacDougall on Velbo Z                         Zoë MacDougall on Rugiero

Zoe Macdougall and Ender's Game

Zoë MacDougall and Ender's Game
Photo Credit: Ravenwood Tack