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Pelmac Stables offers year-round indoor and outdoor board. 


Outdoor board: Two horses are kept in each 40' x 100' paddock. All paddocks have shelters and heated, automatic watering bowls. $400.


Indoor board: The barns are heated and well-insulated for horse and rider comfort in all seasons. Stalls are either 10' x 12' or 12' x 12' and all have rubber mat flooring. For turnout, two horses are kept in each 40' x 100' paddock. All paddocks have shelters and heated, automatic watering bowls. Single horse turnout is available. Full day turnout, weather permitting. Blanket service (one blanket put on for turnout and removed once brought back inside) available. $600.
Throughout the winter months, indoor board is only available to horses that will be kept indoors from November 1st through April 30th.



If you own or lease a horse:
Group lessons are ideal for most riders. There is the social aspect of riding with your peers, and extra learning opportunities while watching the other riders. $30, 45-60 minutes
Private lessons are a good option for the rider that wants to work on a specific problem or goal: $55, 30-45 minutes.

School horse program:
Introductory package: $200, four 90 minute private lessons. Learn how to groom and tack up, as well as basic riding skills. Lessons dates are set in advance, make ups may not be available outside of scheduled lesson dates due to instructor/ horse availability.

After completing both of our lesson packages, riders are prepared to take on leasing a school horse in our regular lesson program.
For riders with previous experience who aren’t suited to our introductory packages, we offer individual private assessment lessons to determine your ideal placement in the lesson program. $90, 1.5 hours.

Please read LESSON CANCELLATION POLICY: If you wish to cancel or reschedule your lesson, you must do so before 9:00 am on the day the lesson was to take place. Late cancellations and no-shows will be billed for the lesson, as well as any applicable school horse lease fees. 



**Please note we do not offer trail riding**

School horses are available to lease only for use in a lesson program.

Pelmac Stables has many seasoned school horses available for use by riders in our lesson program. 
One ride a week for the month: $140
Two rides a week for the month: $180
Three rides a week for the month: $220

School horse lease fees are due at the start of the month. We are not responsible for making up missed rides. 


Please contact Zoë for more information on training.

Full training: $1100. Full training fee covers board, hay and grain (as needed) feeding, 5 training sessions per week.  

We also offer invidual training sessions ($30) and lungeing/ exercising. 

Training horses may be required to be blanketed, body clipped, and/or boarded indoors. For individual sessions owners may need to be present to provide grooming and drying for outdoor boarded horses.


Pelmac is availble to trailer client horses.